Why Are Wristbands Essential in Our Current Entertainment Venues and Events?


Why Are Wristbands Essential in Our Current Entertainment Venues and Events?
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Natalie_J_Blackthorn]Natalie J Blackthorn

Security, verification of authenticity and infrastructure management are essential when planning or hosting an event. Recently, we have seen the old ticket stub replaced by wristbands. In this article I will attempt to explain the fundamental differences and reasons for this change.

The first thing that we need to take into consideration when planning an event is authenticity. Can the article of admission be easily replicated? With traditional ticket stubs, these could be replicated with relative ease and sold outside the venue by traders, robbing the venue and the promoter of any potential profits. A cheap wristband is quite an appropriate solution for this problem, once attached, it cannot be re-attached after removal, and this makes it an essential tool in fighting against people selling fraudulent tickets and statements of admission. They also can be used to denote levels of admission or camping sites at large scale events such as music festivals.

Secondly, verification is an issue when managing an event. Upon arrival to a venue, customers will usually be required to provide a ticket to a security agent to scan the authenticity of the ticket via bar-code. This scanned ticket will then be replaced with a wristband, and the ticket stub removed to prevent re-entry. With this wristband attached, the means of admission is solely then granted to the owner of an authenticated ticket, and leaving them unable to remove this if they wish to be re-admitted from outside smoking facilities etc.

With the proliferation of ticket stubs at venues in the past, these could easily be replicated by simply a printer, and wrist stamps were also just as easily replicated by the unauthorized vendors outside changing their stamp template to one matching the venue that current evening. It seems that a disposable, attachable and verifiable item is the best way to assure that customers are granted sufficient access.

Finally, in regards to the safety of using simple plastic wristbands at events and using plastic ones at large scale overnight events such as festivals, the safety of these being removed by general wear and tear could be bought into question. Provided your customer service infrastructure is solid in the manner that your customers can simply return their old ticket stub to have a new wristband re-attached you will have little to worry about. Also, many young people can testify to these sturdy bits of gear lasting through the most bustling crowd.

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Why-Are-Wristbands-Essential-in-Our-Current-Entertainment-Venues-and-Events?&id=6651380] Why Are Wristbands Essential in Our Current Entertainment Venues and Events?

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