Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands


Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands

Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands
Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands

Our Vinyl Wristbands, are stretch resistant and feature a “Easy Lock” single snap closure. Imprinting is available on all of our vinyl wrist bands, we’ve designed them longer and softer for extra comfort.
Vinyl Wristbands come in a wide variety of both Neon and Solid colors, once exposed to bright or black light, they tend to glow and add visual effects to your establishment.

  1. wide-face-blue-wristbandsBlue
  2. wide-face-green-wristbandsGreen
  3. wide-face-neon-lime-wristbandsNeon Lime
  4. wideface-neon-orange-wristbandsNeon Orange
  5. wideface-neon-pink-wristbandsNeon Pink
  6. wideface-purple-wristbandsPurple
  7. wide-face-red-wristbandsRed
  8. wideface-white-wristbandsWhite
  9. wideface-yellow-glow-wristbandsYellow Glow

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