Detachable Stub Tyvek Wristbands

Detachable Stub Tyvek Wristbands.

Tyvek Wristbands with Stubs
Tyvek Wristbands with Numbered Stub

Detachable Numbered Stub Wristbands made of Tyvek® are non-transferable, Non-stretch, single use and Tamper proof and come in 14 different colors! They are very simple to use and will fit small children to adult size wrists. Detachable duplicate numbered Paper Wristbands are great for raffles, complementary drinks, trade shows, cruise lines, etc…

Our Detachable wristbands are excellent for admission, security, crowd control, drinking age verification, Parties, concerts and much more!
Let us Add your Company logos and all the text you want or order our stock solid colors for fast delivery. Neon or solid colors.

  1. blue-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandBlue
  2. gold-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandGold
  3. green-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandGreen
  4. light-blue-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandLt. Blue
  5. neon-lime-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandNeon Lime
  6. neon-orange-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandNeon Orange
  7. neon-pink-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandNeon Pink
  8. neon-sunfire-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandNeon Sunfire
  9. purple-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandPurple
  10. red-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandRed
  11. silver-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandSilver
  12. white-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandWhite
  13. yellow-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandYellow
  14. yellow-glow-tyvek-1-inch-stub-wristbandYellow Gllow

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