Computer Pinfeed Wristbands

Computer Pinfeed Wristbands

Computer Wristbands
Computer Wristbands for you dot matrix printer.

Computer Pinfeed Wristbands, come in sizes: 10″ x 1″ They are non-stretch, single use bands, they are also waterproof and come with a peel off adhesive.

Computer Wristbands come in a variety of Neon or solid colors, Invisible Ink or night glow.

Our bands include tractor feed edges, so that it can be used in your dot matrix printers to print your personal designs or other information on them!

Computer Pinfeed Wristbands are non-transferable, Non-stretch, single use and Tamper proof.

Available Computer Pinfeed Tyvek Wristband Colors:

  1. solid-light-blue-tyvek-wristbandsLt. Blue
  2. solid-neon-green-tyvek-wristbandsNeon Lime
  3. solid-neon-orange-tyvek-wristbandsNeon Orange
  4. solid-neon-pink-tyvek-wristbandsNeon Pink
  5. solid-white-tyvek-wristbandsWhite
  6. solid-yellow-glow-tyvek-wristbandsYellow Glow

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