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Identification Tools – The New Avatar Of Wristbands


Identification Tools – The New Avatar Of Wristbands
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Bill_Xu]Bill Xu

Wristbands have become the latest tool for identification in various events, amusement parks, school trips, clubs, concerts, bars and even hospitals. With their availability in ample designs and colors, the popularity of ID wristbands is increasing and many people are opting to use these for identification at different levels.

From being an accessory for the fashion fads to being the commonly used tool for identification, wristbands have come a long way since their advent decades back. For an event planner, these have become the best possible way to identify people. From keeping the kids in their designated group in field trips to identifying people’s age for admissions in bars and clubs, wristbands are used in various events. In addition to that, medical facilities are also using these to identify their patients these days. Let’s take a look at the various kinds of wristbands and their uses in diverse sectors.

Holographic Wristbands For School Trips

School trips are basically educational tours but kids look forward to the fun rather than education. This, at times, becomes a headache for the supervisors as keeping an eye on each kid is nearly impossible. When subdivided in various groups, some kids leave theirs to join another group. That’s where wristbands come in handy. You can use them to keep track of all the kids without having to go through any hassles. Since kids love anything that’s shiny, you can get them holographic wristbands. These aren’t just colorful and shimmering but available in various metallic designs and patterns. You can order a different color for each group and have them customized with your school name, serial numbers or any other text.

Amusement Parks – Kids ID Wristbands

Loaded with the fun and thrilling rides, amusement parks are always packed with people. Most of them have height and weight restrictions whereas some specific rides have age restraints. Bearing those constraints in mind, most officials in amusement parks give away wristbands to those who qualify for certain rides. Several companies offer ID wristbands that are specifically designed for kids. These wristbands are made of soft materials that are comfy for kids to wear. Available in vivid colors, these wristbands can be tailor as per the theme of your park. You can have the images of the rides or any text inscribed on these bands.

Age Identification – Tyvek Bands

Many night clubs, bars, special events and parties distribute wristbands to identify people’s age as these places don’t allow anyone under age 18 inside. Moreover, people who aren’t 21 yet don’t get to purchase any liquor at such events. Each individual is allowed entrance only after s/he produces an age ID. The ones who are of legal drinking age are then provided with wristbands to purchase the drinks. The best kinds of wristbands for age identification are Tyvek wristbands as these can’t be tampered with easily. Made of sturdy materials, these fit the wrists of the wearers and can only be removed if torn.

Patient ID Wristbands For Medical Facilities

Patient ID wristbands are gaining popularity in many parts of the world. Medical facilities are using these bands to identify a number of patients with different problems such as allergies, contagious diseases, restricted extremity and others. They use a unique color to identify a particular problem. The patient ID wristband that’s rapidly catching on is the mother/infant wristband. Made of soft vinyl, these bands are free of Latex and Phthalate that may cause any skin irritation. These can be purchased in a set of 2, 3 or 4 bands each for newborn, mother, father and a family member.

Whatever reasons you have to purchase these ID wristbands event wristbands, make sure you get these from the right place at the right prices. The most convenient option would be shopping at an online store where you can simply go through the extensive collection of these and choose the ones that best suit you. Different stores have different pricing, so you must compare shop to get the best prices on your purchase.

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Identification-Tools—The-New-Avatar-Of-Wristbands&id=6472329] Identification Tools – The New Avatar Of Wristbands

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