Variety Packs

Plastic Variety Packs will save you money!

Variety Pack Plastic Wristbands

Our 5 & 10 Color Variety Pack Plastic Straight Wave Wristbands consist of a box of 500 stock Solid Plastic Straight Wave wristbands in 5 or 10 different colors. 50 or 100 per color.

The available colors are: Blue, Gold, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White and yellow

Our Plastic wristbands come in 10″ x 3/4″ size with one time use permanent snaps, featuring shinny plastic material, come in a wide variety of colors
Tyvek and Plastic Wristbands are excellent , for admission, security, crowd control, drinking age verification, concerts, etc… Our wristbands are being used by some the largest entertainment attractions in the world!

How do 5 & 10 Color Variety Pack Plastic Straight Wave Wristbands save you money?

  1. if you bought 10 different colors of plastic wristbands, cost would be $550.00
  2. if you bought 1, 10 color variety pack, cost would only be $82.00

Available Colors in Plastic Variety Packs.

  1. small-aqua-plastic-wristbandsAqua
  2. small-black-plastic-wristbandsBlack
  3. small-blue-plastic-wristbandsBlue
  4. small-gold-plastic-wristbandsGold
  5. small-green-plastic-wristbandsGreen
  6. small-light-blue-plastic-wristbandsLt. Blue
  7. small-neon-lime-plastic-wristbandsNeon Lime
  8. small-neon-orange-plastic-wristbandsNeon Orange
  9. small-neon-pink-plastic-wristbandsNeon Pink
  10. small-neon-sunfire-plastic-wristbandsNeon Sunfire
  11. small-purple-plastic-wristbandsPurple
  12. small-red-plastic-wristbandsRed
  13. small-silver-plastic-wristbandsSilver
  14. small-white-plastic-wristbandsWhite
  15. small-yellow-plastic-wristbandsYellow
  16. small-yellow-glow-plastic-wristbandsYellow Glow


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