Sparkle Plastic Wristbands

Sparkle Plastic Wristbands are the Best.

Sparkle Plastic Wristbands

Our Sparkle Wristbands, are made from a beautiful strong glossy glittery material and comes in a wide variety of colors:

  1. Aqua Plastic Sparkle WristbandsAqua
  2. Blue Plastic Sparkle WristbandsBlue
  3. Gold Plastic Sparkle WristbandsGold
  4. Green Plastic Sparkle WristbandsGreen
  5. Orange Plastic Sparkle WristbandsNeon Orange
  6. Neon Pink Plastic Sparkle WristbandsNeon Pink
  7. Purple Plastic Sparkle WristbandsPurple
  8. Red Plastic Sparkle WristbandsRed
  9. Silver Plastic Sparkle WristbandsSilver
  10. Yellow Plastic Sparkle WristbandsYellow Glow

Sparkle Wristbands come with a single use snap closure. They sparkle in the light, our neon colors glow under black light and are very eye-catching.
Sparkle wristbands are Ideal for parties, hotels/travel – Cruise lines, Nightclubs, New Year’s Celebrations.
Sparkle bands has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people across the world!

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