Event Wristbands


Event Wristbands
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Wristbands are strips that are worn on the wrist to encircle it. They could be made from a variety of materials and are available in varied colors, designed for different events and purposes. Cuff of a shirt, bracelet like band of a wristwatch, or part of a sleeve that covers the wrist are also referred to as Wristbands. Decorative and functional bands worn on the wrist to support a cause or register protest are mostly known as event wristbands.

Wristbands could be distinctly colored and used to demonstrate support for various charity and social events. Individuals who assist families of troops killed overseas may use a black wristband. Similarly a blue wristband may be used to demonstrate protest for anti-bullying and anti-drunk driving, where as a dark blue color expresses support for anti-child abuse and anti-smoking. Volunteers who supported in the relief cause of Katrina Hurricane used a light blue colored wristband. White wristbands are highly used by sportsmen as they are used to buttress anti-racism. Volunteers wear golden color wristbands to support the cause of cancer in children. Green wristbands are often used to create awareness for forest preservation.

Political parties too may use wristbands for easy identification. Members and supporters of Democratic Party in U.S use blue wristband. Members and volunteers of the Red Cross Society and UNICEF use red bands. Similarly WHO volunteers and officials use a white wristband.

Wristbands have proven to be of great help for event managers, as lots of chaos can be conveniently avoided, and that to at a very low price. Glitter plastic bands can be used as gate passes by nightclubs and party organizers. These bands have a classy feel and are very attractive, and thus serve the purpose of gate pass and can even avoid gatecrashers as they are designed with a non reusable-locking clip, which prevents reuse or transfer.

Wristbands are also available with tear-off tabs, which can be used for events, day-long parties that could be useful to resort owners. These wristbands are ideal for redeeming drinks, meals or other attractions included in the entry price.

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