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Wristbands are ideal for controlling the admission of your events.

Managing a large crowd at any event can be quite difficult.

Managing a large crowd at any event can be quite difficult. Defining legitimate guests from those who aren’t welcome is the problem. Giving out paper wristbands will allow you to properly identify your crowd members.
A clever guest can sneak past all but the best crowd management solutions. Ineffective solutions include punch tickets (because someone can punch a whole themselves), handing out generic tickets (someone could bring fakes), and even hand stamps (because they blur and are replicable). If a casual observer can’t differentiate between the true item and a forgery, then the system is faulty. You also have to be careful about using the same system for multiple events, because that is when illegal guests catch on.
In order to manage a general admission crowd that doesn’t have tickets ahead of time, you have to give them some item that they couldn’t get a hold of by themselves. If they can find the item you’re giving out online or elsewhere, then your system will fail and unwanted guests will flood through your gates. If you don’t have the perfect solution, like colored wristbands, altering the specific item you give out for each event can work fairly well. If the guests can’t predict your system, even an imperfect one will do fine for most occasions.
Paper wristbands are one of the smartest possible solutions. You can identify an approved guest from a decent distance if they are wearing a brightly colored band. You don’t even have to ask to see a ticket, and wait for the customer to dig it out of their pockets, so the crowd can flow more smoothly through checkpoints. Custom wristbands will work even better. You can get a custom pattern, name, or logo printed on the bands to make sure that they aren’t fakes.
If you’d like to learn more about paper wristbands [], including where to buy them, how to properly use them, and alternatives that might work as well, then you should check out Custom Paper Wristbands [].
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Wristbands – Perfect for Events, Festivals, Benefits and More

Wristbands – Perfect for Events, Festivals, Benefits and More
By []Leona Chavez

All event planners understand and feel the stress of putting together an event and know that it takes hard work, attention to every detail and a lot of organization in order to have a successful event. Whether you are planning a small company benefit or organizing a large music show for a festival, investing in wristbands for events could save the day come party time.

There has been an increasing trend with the use of wristbands at shows, events and parties. The simplicity and visibility of wristbands make things much easier for everyone and greatly contributes to a smooth running event. Event organizers have a variety of types to pick from depending on their needs. Some uses of wristbands for events include color coding to indicate the different types of attendees. In addition, organizers can purchase security wristbands with features that make them non-transferable. For events where alcohol is involved, service can be greatly expedited if you have specific wristbands for 21 and over, eliminating the need for staff to constantly check identification. Most importantly, wristbands allow organizers to keep track of their guests, staff and performers.

The benefits of wristbands for your guests are almost endless. Bouncers and doormen no longer have to worry about people washing off stamp marks or wait on attendees to locate their tickets for re-admittance. Wristbands can help control access by assisting in identifying paid guests, VIP members, age identification and lower, if not eliminate, the amount of party crashers.

Wristbands are also perfect for your staff members who are working at the event. Everyone from waiters to sound and equipment engineers will be easily identified for admittance to authorized areas, back stage and security etc.

Keeping track of who is a guest and who is a performer can get very complicated without a system in place. Wristbands can help your entertainment’s staff set up and take down the stage more efficiently. With a quick glimpse, staff members will be able to identify and distinguish the performers from the guests.

And do not forget about custom wristbands, which are great for branding your company or have custom printing for sponsorships. Guests will be able to identify easily who is throwing the event and associate your company with the great time they are having.

Overall, planners and hosts can rest assured that their event will run smoothly with the use of wristbands.

Leona Chavez is the Marketing Communications Programs Manager for Precision Dynamics Corporation. PDC specializes in the use of []identification wristbands and []event wristbands. Chavez has ten years experience in PDC’s marketing department, having specialized in the company’s Leisure & Entertainment division.

Article Source: [—Perfect-for-Events,-Festivals,-Benefits-and-More&id=6137836] Wristbands – Perfect for Events, Festivals, Benefits and More

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Identification Tools – The New Avatar Of Wristbands

Identification Tools – The New Avatar Of Wristbands
By []Bill Xu

Wristbands have become the latest tool for identification in various events, amusement parks, school trips, clubs, concerts, bars and even hospitals. With their availability in ample designs and colors, the popularity of ID wristbands is increasing and many people are opting to use these for identification at different levels.

From being an accessory for the fashion fads to being the commonly used tool for identification, wristbands have come a long way since their advent decades back. For an event planner, these have become the best possible way to identify people. From keeping the kids in their designated group in field trips to identifying people’s age for admissions in bars and clubs, wristbands are used in various events. In addition to that, medical facilities are also using these to identify their patients these days. Let’s take a look at the various kinds of wristbands and their uses in diverse sectors.

Holographic Wristbands For School Trips

School trips are basically educational tours but kids look forward to the fun rather than education. This, at times, becomes a headache for the supervisors as keeping an eye on each kid is nearly impossible. When subdivided in various groups, some kids leave theirs to join another group. That’s where wristbands come in handy. You can use them to keep track of all the kids without having to go through any hassles. Since kids love anything that’s shiny, you can get them holographic wristbands. These aren’t just colorful and shimmering but available in various metallic designs and patterns. You can order a different color for each group and have them customized with your school name, serial numbers or any other text.

Amusement Parks – Kids ID Wristbands

Loaded with the fun and thrilling rides, amusement parks are always packed with people. Most of them have height and weight restrictions whereas some specific rides have age restraints. Bearing those constraints in mind, most officials in amusement parks give away wristbands to those who qualify for certain rides. Several companies offer ID wristbands that are specifically designed for kids. These wristbands are made of soft materials that are comfy for kids to wear. Available in vivid colors, these wristbands can be tailor as per the theme of your park. You can have the images of the rides or any text inscribed on these bands.

Age Identification – Tyvek Bands

Many night clubs, bars, special events and parties distribute wristbands to identify people’s age as these places don’t allow anyone under age 18 inside. Moreover, people who aren’t 21 yet don’t get to purchase any liquor at such events. Each individual is allowed entrance only after s/he produces an age ID. The ones who are of legal drinking age are then provided with wristbands to purchase the drinks. The best kinds of wristbands for age identification are Tyvek wristbands as these can’t be tampered with easily. Made of sturdy materials, these fit the wrists of the wearers and can only be removed if torn.

Patient ID Wristbands For Medical Facilities

Patient ID wristbands are gaining popularity in many parts of the world. Medical facilities are using these bands to identify a number of patients with different problems such as allergies, contagious diseases, restricted extremity and others. They use a unique color to identify a particular problem. The patient ID wristband that’s rapidly catching on is the mother/infant wristband. Made of soft vinyl, these bands are free of Latex and Phthalate that may cause any skin irritation. These can be purchased in a set of 2, 3 or 4 bands each for newborn, mother, father and a family member.

Whatever reasons you have to purchase these ID wristbands event wristbands, make sure you get these from the right place at the right prices. The most convenient option would be shopping at an online store where you can simply go through the extensive collection of these and choose the ones that best suit you. Different stores have different pricing, so you must compare shop to get the best prices on your purchase.

This article has been written by an expert associated with B&B Exporting, a premier wristbands []manufacturer Wristbands offered by them are available in a variety of designs, types and can also be customized as per your requirements.

Article Source: [—The-New-Avatar-Of-Wristbands&id=6472329] Identification Tools – The New Avatar Of Wristbands

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How to Make Your Red Ribbon Week Unforgettable

Red Ribbon Silicone Wristbands

Red Ribbon Vinyl Wristbands

I Like Me Drug Free Tyvek Wristbands

How to Make Your Red Ribbon Week Unforgettable
By []David Holden

Red Ribbon Week is an annual celebration that commemorates the life of the late DEA agent Enrique “kiki” Camareno. Schools nationwide have special events and activities to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and to encourage kids to choose a drug-free lifestyle.

If you don’t know the history I encourage you to type Red Ribbon Week into a Google search. In short the week commemorates all those who have lost their lives in the drug war. The celebration was inspired Congressman Duncan Hunter after special agent Enrique “kiki” Camareno was brutally murdered by the Mexican cartel he was investigating undercover. His death became a symbol of the tragedy of the drug war and our commitment to taking a stand against drugs.

Many schools earmark each day of Red Ribbon Week with a different theme. Some of these include Decoration Day, Pledge Day, Sports Day and more. Each day includes wearing Red Ribbons and having special activities to build awareness. Look for web sites on Google that can assist you in building a week activity schedule.

One of the best ways to make your celebration unforgettable is to invite a professional speaker or performer to your school for a special school assembly. I highly recommend bringing a really fun and “cool” assembly as this will be the event of the week and will bring excitement and energy to your program. The assembly should focus on the message of the week, but should also be light and fun. Throughout the week the kids will be involved in all the technical and informational activities. Your special assembly should be inspirational, exciting and provide the energy to help the kids aspire to be drug-free. Above all, avoid booking a boring assembly program, as your students will attach Red Ribbon Week with negative feelings. If you book an exciting unique program, they will look forward to the week of fun, learning and activities each year.

I recommend finding a great Red Ribbon Week School Assembly with LIVE sports action. There are basketball dunk squads, BMX Stunt Shows, Tumblers and other pro athletes who can deliver the excitement and powerful messages perfect for Red Ribbon Week. More importantly, the kids look up to these amazing athletes and respect what they have to say. With a pro sports assembly you will make your Red Ribbon Week unforgettable and exciting while delivering the message in a unique way that can reach even the most at-risk youth.

But Red Ribbon Week is the most popular week of the year for school assemblies so you MUST book your special event assembly early. I encourage you to find your assembly in the spring as many of the best assemblies book up quickly, especially considering only 10-15 schools will get on the coveted Red Ribbon Week schedule. You can always have your assembly the week before or after to open or close the Red Ribbon Week celebration, but it is optimum to have your special event during the actual week.

I encourage you to do the research and build a great program for your school. Not only will your kids look forward to this week each year, but you may also be instrumental in helping them make good choices that can last a lifetime.

The author, David W. Holden, is a 16 year veteran of school assemblies, delivering over 5,000 programs from coast to coast since 1996. He founded Wheels of Freestyle and continues to perform as a motivational speaker and professional BMX athlete. He recently was featured as a success story on Tony Robbins latest “Get the Edge” TV Program. You can find out more about his company at []School Assembly

Article Source: [] How to Make Your Red Ribbon Week Unforgettable

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Creating An Anti Bully Campaign Incorporating Anti Bullying Wristbands

Creating An Anti Bully Campaign Incorporating Anti Bullying Wristbands
By []Mandy-Jane Clarke

While some schools are tackling the problem of bullying through workshops and group discussions with teachers, guidance counselors, and students, there is also an anti bullying campaign being waged among celebrities and parents whose children have been victimized.

One of the ways in which an anti bullying campaign can be incorporated into the schools is through the use of innovative and creative ideas to remind everyone in the school environment that bullying will not be tolerated. This can include an anti bullying band which can be customized with the words “stop bullying” or similar sentiments.

In addition, while most schools give out school agenda books each year delineating the school’s mission as well as the rules and regulations of proper behavior, anti bullying wristbands can be given to the students as well. A specific color can be chosen to signify the students and members of the staff at that school are against bullying by wearing these bands every day.

In some cases, students are asked to sign contracts which outline how they are expected to behave in school, and these contracts are then co-signed by their parents. In this way, both the student and the parent know exactly what is expected in that particular school.

An anti bullying campaign can begin with the first day of school by having students sign an anti bullying contract which encourages students to adhere to the outlined rules and regulations defining bullying and thus agree to the tenets within. A list of rules can then be listed signifying what bullying is, how to recognize incidents of bullying, inform superiors if any bullying is ongoing, participate in classes which bullying is discussed, help other students who are or have been victims of bullying, and more importantly, to respect others and understand that while there may be a diverse culture in the schools, everyone is entitled to an education regardless of who they are.

The anti bullying campaign incorporating anti bullying bands and anti bullying wristbands will send a signal to everyone in school that bullying will not be tolerated on any level; either physically, verbally, or by actions which are meant to demean, threaten, or diminish ones capacity to fully participate in daily classes.

Bullying can not only be painful, but it can lead to low-self esteem and fear of socialization. An anti bullying campaign, one that is planned and executed well before the new school year begins, can offer hope to those who have been victims and/or victimized in the past. The educational system should embrace this idea with full support from the top administrators, as well as propose anti-bullying legislation so that children who attend school are not afraid and can achieve their goals without being infringed upon by bullying tactics.

By Mandy Jane Clarke [] is a resource site created specifically about []Anti Bullying

Article Source: [] Creating An Anti Bully Campaign Incorporating Anti Bullying Wristbands

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Make a Lasting Impression With Promotional Wristbands

Make a Lasting Impression With Promotional Wristbands
By []Roberts Peter

Promotional wristbands are a great way to advertise your business, service, or organization and are an excellent way to keep your name in remembrance. For those who have a mission and need to see it accomplished, promotional wristbands can achieve the results you are looking for. Since the wearer keeps the wristband, it is a continual reminder of your service, product, or organization and continues to put your brand name in the forefront of the wearer’s memory. This is one of the most important factors of marketing and promotional wristbands deliver results.

One of the best aspects of using promotional wristbands is the fact that they are affordable and easily customizable to your exact specifications. They can be created quickly and come in a variety of colors and sizes. No matter what your function or needs, you can easily ensure that your message is delivered in an amazingly simple way- just by using promotional wristbands.

Making a lasting impression is key to any successful promotional strategy. It isn’t enough for potential customers simply to be introduced to your product or company name, but additionally, they must make a connection with your product. The connection should also be one where the wearer will repeatedly be reminded of your company name and product. When wearing a promotional wristband, the customer is reminded of your service or product every time they glance at their wrist. This ensures that your product or organization is making a lasting impression and that your company or product will not easily be forgotten.

There’s no doubt that one of the best advantages or major benefits of using promotional wristbands is the cost factor; wristbands are a cost effective marketing tool that fit well with any budget. Not only that, but wristbands are also stylish and popular, making them an even better marketing choice.

When choosing wristbands to create an impact and cause the wearer to continually remember your mission, product, or service it is wise to pay close attention to color and design. If you have a logo that you are using, be sure to use complimentary colors within the wristband as well. You might find that it is best to order wristbands in a wide variety of colors and styles, to ensure that there is a wristband for every preference or taste. This will make certain that your wristbands will become part of the customer’s garment selection and will be worn more frequently.

In addition to choosing color, styles, and logos it’s also important to come up with a slogan for your promotional wristbands that expresses the core values or nature of your organization. The best way to ensure that your wristbands impact the wearer and make a lasting impression is by choosing your wording carefully. Sometimes, a little goes a long way as well. You don’t necessarily need to write out a full sentence stating your mission plan or objective. Often, it’s just a few simple, yet powerful words that will create the impact that your organization is looking for. When thinking about your mission, service, or product try coming up with a few power words that express your purpose. Use these words and you’re sure to have wristbands that will not only impress but will also impact the wearer and those whom the wearer comes in contact with.

Goods For Giving specializes in []promotional wristbands, personalized items and a range of promotional products. The company pride themselves on customer care and also offers in-house engraving and graphic design services.

Article Source: [] Make a Lasting Impression With Promotional Wristbands

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Why Choose Wristbands Over Tickets for Your Event?

Why Choose Wristbands Over Tickets for Your Event?
By []David NMN Taylor

If you’re organising an event that requires paid entrance and on-going customer identification, event wristbands are the perfect solution. Wristbands work perfectly alongside tickets as a much more durable, all day solution, enabling the wearer to get on and have fun at your event without having to worry about re-entry every time they leave the event arena. They are also used extensively as a hassle free alternative to tickets and are great for efficient admissions and crowd flow.

Types of Events that Choose to Use Wristbands

There are a range of events right across the event spectrum that employ wristbands as a safe, secure alternative to tickets. Just some of these include:

Trade Shows
VIP Events
Shareholder Meetings
Award Ceremonies
Trade Fairs
Theatre Shows
Music events

They work incredibly well for events that involve the sale of alcohol. When people have a few drinks they tend to lose things, having a secure wristband attached to their wrist can avoid any re-entry hassles for your security staff and helps lower disturbances and keep the overall event ambience positive.

You can of course also have different wristbands for different levels of access such as VIP or back stage access inside your event. This can also help to minimise security costs. Good quality wristbands are tamper resistant and can also be bar-coded or pre-numbered for security logistics.

Adding Promotions to Your Wristbands

Wristbands have also become popular with event organisers because of their versatility. On almost every type of wrist band you can add promotional messages and colours from the event sponsors. They can also be debossed with your company logo at very low cost, adding that extra special presence on the wearer. Promotions can help pay for the cost of the wristbands too.

A Multiplicity of Colours & Patterns

Due to the versatility of the wrist band, there are literally thousands of colour variations, styles and combinations that can be custom created to fit your requirements.

The variety of designs, styles and patterns is absolutely incredible, with many standardised widths also being commonly used to keep production costs down.

Fabric, Vinyl, Silicone & Many More Materials Available

As well as all the various colours and styles available, wrist bands are also available made in many different materials. Materials include (but are not restricted to):


As you can see above, they can be produced from high density, water resistant, durable materials that can outlast any ticket when the going gets tough.

Long Lasting & Durable Beyond Requirement

Wristband durability over tickets is an important selling point and one of the many reasons they are much more useful than tickets. A good example being Tyvek wristbands. Tyvek is a popular event wristband material and is well known for its durability. Tyvek wristbands are created from spun polyethylene.

They are light, comfortable, inexpensive and very strong. This makes them a very popular choice and especially so for events or festivals that take place over a few days. They come in many colours plus you can also print bespoke designs on them, making them perfect for promotional advertising too.

Memento, Memories & Souvenirs from the Occasion

With the incredible amount of diversity you can get from a wristband with regard to colour, shape, size, material and embossing it’s no wonder that wristbands have been kept by people as souvenirs of the event. They remind people of the occasion and become talking points about the event. They also promote a return to the event next time around.

Adding the date, your company logo and the occasion to the wrist band contributes to it becoming a keepsake for years to come. A constant reminder of a great time and a reason to return or generate interest in future events you may be holding.

So, it’s easy to see that when event holders have a choice between tickets and wristbands, wristbands have become the number choice.

G.P. Solutions are specialist UK suppliers of Wristbands for events, security & fabric, vinyl, tyvek for any event or festival. []Visit the website []Visit the website

Article Source: [] Why Choose Wristbands Over Tickets for Your Event?

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